Roee Feldman and Tamir Levy Join NOM-Gaming for FIFA 19

Roee Feldman and Tamir Levy Join NOM-Gaming for FIFA 19

Tamir & Roee

Last Thursday, as CS:GO secured its spot in the Hype Gaming #1 finals,

Roee and Tamir met with the organization’s managers and signed a contract through the end of the 2019 gaming season, rounding out the organization’s FIFA team staff line-up.

Roee Feldman

At only 17, Roee has an impressive record and shows immense potentnial.

He was ranked as one of the top 5 young players in the world by Bild,

after coming 8th in the LQE tournament in Romania.

Tamir Levy 

Tamir (21) joins the organization as coach/player.

In recent years, Tamir has become one of the leading players in the Israel FIFA scene and made his mark when he was crowned national champion in 2018.

His first appearance on behalf of the organization will take place in March at LQE London, following a successful appearance in the online qualifying round. Tamir will travel to the event in his capacity as coach.

Club management said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Roee and Tamir on board. This is a significant step in the organization’s growth and development.

NOM-Gaming aims to be a structured, professional home for leading eSports players and to foster a new generation of young players.

The new recruits fit the organization’s goals perfectly, and we believe that providing Roee and Tamir with the right framework for training and development will help them realize their potential and lead us to impressive achievements.”

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