First bootcamp for our CS:GO team in the HYPE lounge

On last Thursday, October 18th, the CS:GO team participated in the first bootcamp in the HYPE lounge.

During the boot camp we had a photo-shoot day as preparation for the official announcement on the organization (details to come…)

After the photo-shoot the team gathered in the VIP room and continued preparations for the official games coming up on various occasions.

Organization founder Shahar Meir, in charge of the professional aspect of the organization:

“The bootcamp is our first step towards the improvement of the players. Throughout it, we’ve seen the progress the team has made and we believe that if they continue with the same professionalism they’ve exhibited, we’ll be able to reach the goals we set. In addition throughout the bootcamp we set up a photo-shoot day in order to improve the relationship between the audience and the club, and you’ll be able to see the results in the coming weeks.”

Team captain Maoz “BluePho3nix” Paz added:

“The bootcamp is our first gathering as a team and an organization, we put a lot of emphasis on team bonding. In addition, the photo-shoot and training gave us a feeling of professionalism and we feel we’ll be able to reach our goals this way.”

Daniel “ponkt” Punkt


Good job: David “kenzo” Ben Yona and Daniel “ponkt“ Punkt

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